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Ringwood & Poulner Toad Patrol

About You

If you care about toads like we do, and you want to protect them like we do, you can help in a number of ways. We’re always looking for volunteers who can spare a couple of hours one evening a week between January and April. So if you’re interested and think you might be able to help, just drop us an email at rptoadpatrol1@gmail.com

But you can also really help by slowing down on the road where the toads cross, keeping an eye out for them, and being patient if you have to wait for a few minutes behind one of our patrol cars.

If more drivers kept their speed down and looked out for toads it would make an enormous difference - and many more lives would be saved.

The toads would really appreciate it. Thank you.

RP Toad Patrol - rescuing toads in Ringwood and Poulner in the New Forest

RP Toad Patrol - rescuing toads in Ringwood and Poulner


Help us protect toads

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