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Ringwood & Poulner Toad Patrol

About Us

Ringwood & Poulner Toad Patrol was set up in 1989 by Teresa Baker, a local wildlife lover and conservationist.

Ever since then, a growing number of volunteers have been turning out in the evening in shifts between dusk and 11pm from early January through to Spring.

We drive slowly and carefully up and down the road where the toads cross. When we see a toad we stop, carefully pick it up, and carry it across the road to safety in the direction it’s pointing.

Our route runs from North Poulner along Gorley Road and Highwood Lane, past the Alice Lisle pub, and up to the ford next to Moyles Court and below Rockford Common.

Toads like it when it’s wet, and won’t cross if it’s too cold (below 5 degrees).

There are evenings when no toads cross at all. Sometimes they cross intermittently as the temperature fluctuates. And then sometimes there’s a mass crossing - 300 toads or more - when we call on anyone who can to come down to help.
Save Wild Toads - Toadpoles - RP Toad Patrol - rescuing toads in the New Forest : Ringwood and Poulner

Help save toads - Toad Patrol - rescuing toads in Ringwood and Poulner in the New Forest

- We each take responsibility for our shift on the published rota.

- We can swap shifts in advance provided we make sure that ours will be covered.

- We never cancel our shift on the day except in an absolute emergency and even then we take responsibility for finding cover.

- We never leave the road unpatrolled between dusk and 11pm in the breeding season, unless the temperature is below 5 degrees and there are definitely no toads crossing.

- We keep in touch with the next shift and tell them what’s happening.

- We don’t stand or remain stationary on the road unless we’re picking up a toad.

- We wear fluorescent clothing and display a “Toad patrol” sign in the rear window.

Our connection with Froglife.org

Ringwood & Poulner Toad Patrol is registered with the wildlife charity Froglife, who coordinate toad patrolling throughout the UK through a national campaign called Toads on Roads. This campaign is supported by ARG UK, a national network of volunteer groups who help to conserve amphibians and reptiles. A thousand volunteers help thousands of toads across the UK’s roads every year.

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